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16 August 2019 - 06:06
Sheikh Zakzaky

Nigerian prominent Shia Muslim Leader said that he will return to home if he not receive expected health services from doctors and hospitals in India.

Hawzah News Agency - (New Delhi - India) - Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Wasalallahu Ala Sayyedina Wa Nabiyyena Muhammadin Wa Alihi Addayyebinad Daheereenal Ma'assumeen.

I did not mention the date of my speech two days ago, that's on Tuesday, the day after we left Abuja on Monday. That was the day I made the first speech. I wanted to make another speech on Wednesday (that's yesterday) but I have to add more details (about the development.) I have heard that the Nigeria authorities have issues some statements which are laced with lies. It is up to people to agree with me or side with the government's version of the story.

What we truly understood was they tried to take us to a different hospital because we chose this hospital; in fact they scheduled the flights with their own private jet, saying they would take us to a hospital called Fortis. We then told them about the hospital we chose but they said they investigated and found out Fortis was better. So, they would have taken us to Fortis if we had agreed. What they have been telling us or what they have been trying to tell you is we are the ones who chose this hospital but what they are telling the management of the hospital is, it is the Nigerian government who brought us here and it is asking the government (of India) to provide us with security because it was bringing in some individuals who are being charged with treasonable offenses and they are suffering from unspecified ailments. So, according to them, they always have no ideas or reports of what we are suffering from. They inspected us at the reception. I told them that what they were trying to ask us have already been identified by by many doctors including foreign doctors and they believed we are suffering from.......  they even induced us with certain medications almost four years ago. Some of the ailments that had long been diagnosed were treatable abroad, and we are here for these reasons.

I talked about what Malama (my wife) and I have been suffering from which I thought we would be treated here. They said their condition is every patient has to start the process from the beginning; they would examine everything from initial stage. It's like you have come to the hospital because you have a bullet lodged in your body that needs to be removed only told that you are suffering from unknown ailments or you are suffering from lead poison and cadmium only to be told nobody knows what is actually wrong with you; or that you have come for knee surgery and you are told that you have to undergo a checkup from the beginning even though there exist records and information provided by doctors about what you are really suffering from. So, if there is anyone to blame for the confusion is the Nigerian government because it is  issuing conflicting stories to the management of the hospital and to the public. For the hospital and the Indian government, the Nigerian government was bringing some persons who are being charged treasonable offenses for treatment. This is just the statement.

Nevertheless, since we did not trust Fortis hospital, they finally agreed with Mendata. It is when we arrived that they started these tricks. We told them what we are here but they said this was not what they were told. So, we have to abide by their rules so long as we want to stay here. This is why we conclude we cannot get the cooperation we expected from the hospital. We no longer have any faith in the hospital.

So, a diplomatic staff from Nigerian High Commission came here and we held talk for hours. It was during the discussion that I told him  about what we need and that if we could not get a trusted place, we had better return home. Moreover, they are aware of the fact that the Indian government sent an ultimatum through some doctors that we have two hours to decide  to accept treatment from the hospital or we leave the country. I told them that two hours ultimatum was too long: I could decide in less than two minutes, we could leave the country.

Now, since the last discussion, it has been almost 24 hours but they have yet to show up and ask us to leave the country. But the true is so long as they will not treat us at a hospital we trust and by doctors we trust, we had better leave the country. It is still possible to go another country and get treated by doctors we have faith in. Insha Allah


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