۲۷ فروردین ۱۴۰۳ |۶ شوال ۱۴۴۵ | Apr 15, 2024
Where Is My Doctor?

I know my soul is sick, it is suffering from multiple diseases, I urgently need to provide medical assistance and support to it. However, irrespective of all the equipment I plug-in, there is still a very important aspect missing, that is my doctor. Where is the one who is going to cure my heart and soul?

Hawzah News AgencyThis text approaches in a very simple but clear manner the answers to crucial questions like the real identity of a human being and the scope of life in this world.

It further explains some important Islamic concepts in order for the readers to understand human souls and work to fulfil the purpose of our existence and ask for help to the right people to heal our souls and be steadfast on the Right Path.

To read the text click on download.


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