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dr shomali

Tarbiya is a kind of development not a kind of industry where you add some things from outside to the materials that you want to change.

Hawzah News Agency – Today in Revival Zoom Online live Dars and Q and A with Alim was invited Sheikh Dr Muhammad Ali Shomali.
His lecture was on the book of Shaheed Murtaza mutahri Tarbiya Dar Islam(Training And Education In Islam).
Dr Shomali started his dars with the name of Allah the most Beneficent and the most Merciful.
Today's topic was "Habits And Their Role in Education".
He explained that we talked about Tarbiya.
Tarbiya is a kind of development not a kind of industry where you add some things from outside to the materials that you want to change. We want to study the fourth lesson of the book which is about the habit. The question is if tarbiya, if education is a matter of developing and training like a flower which has to grow then what is the role of habits. In order to appreciate the significance of the question. Ayatollah Motahhari introduced to us two different attitudes. One attitude is classic and traditional attitude, for example many of great Scholars of Akhlaq and tarbiya in Islam and similar to that in our traditions that even the some physical traditions, they have this idea that ethics is a matter of developing some qualities in the soul, some virtues make sure that they become ".Malaka". They become part of your character, if the way that they can, not easily being changed. Because Malaka is the quality of soul, which is not temporary which is not easily changed.
They Say a kind of a kind of situation, a kind of quality, condition for the soul which is Rasikha is well rooted, well established.For example Generosity and bravery are the qualities. If someone does sometimes do great things, these are to be Rasikha well established, then if you have them actions which are suitable, great auctions for generosity can happen with "Sahola "easily you don't need to think a lot. A brave person when finding out the situation to exercising bravery. He did without forcing himself.
In the end of the program agha gives answers to the questions of participants, the participants who avail the opportunity of doing questions from Sheikh were from Dubai, Japan and Pakistan.
At the end of the program agha made dua. For listening the complete lecture of Sheikh Dr Muhammad Ali Shomali please visit Revival YouTube channel and Facebook page. To attend a live session please join the Zoom link given below. And to avail update about every session of Revival join whatsapp group.
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