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27 November 2020 - 11:18

Although abortion is performed in a very short period of time, sometimes its complications will affect families for the rest of their lives.

Hawzah News Agency - Abortion is considered as one of examples of the oppression in the Islamic value system. Most people who commit this sin are unaware of its physical (material) and spiritual consequences; therefore, explaining these consequences can be effective in reducing this issue.

During the abortion, the fetus is intentionally brought out from the mother's womb; And in this way, the right to life taken, while the fetus has this right from the beginning of sperm coagulation.

Many women may not have the physical and mental condition to become pregnant and have children, but they become pregnant unintentionally, and this unpreparedness leads them to decide to do so. Therefore, drawing young women's attention to gain comprehensive preparation before pregnancy and considering this issue can be effective in reducing abortion statistics.

Sometimes the root of this issue is the fear of economic conditions, while if the parents' attitude towards God changes and they really consider God as their All sustenance and their children, they will never get their hands dirty with such a sin. "And do not kill your children for fear of poverty; we give them sustenance and yourselves (too); surely to kill them is a great wrong".

Some people may not have economic reasons for the abortion; but they find themselves incapable of raising a child, and worrying about his/her future compels them to commit this sin. But, if they know that nurturing a child can be done according to their teaching, they will strengthen good ethic, and thus they will naturally face less problems in bringing up children.

Sometimes some women may become pregnant during the contract (before marriage) and the fear of getting the blame of others encourages them to commit this sin. Pregnancy during the contract may be considered ugly in the eyes of custom, but not ugly in the eyes of religion. Therefore, informing girls and boys in premarital education classes can be somewhat effective in changing this trend. In addition, in this situation, those around her, including family and acquaintances, should support the woman and put trust on her in this regard. When a person sees others as his /her emotional, spiritual and physical (material) supporter, his/her desire to commit sin will decrease.

Sometimes the pregnancy may have been caused by an illegitimate relationship and the fear of dishonesty among others convinces women to commit this sin [abortion]. Although there is no doubt about the prohibition of these relationships and also the prohibition of abortion resulting from these relationships, but certainly those who are to blame for creating a chaotic marriage situation for young people will share in this sin. Either those who close the way to easy marriages with luxuries and expensive marriages, or those who have not provided the working conditions and the favorable economic situation for the youth, will all share in committing this sin.

Another reason for performing abortion is the negligence of religious affairs among the people. In fact, paying attention to the shell and appearance of religion leads people not being able to express themselves as a human being deserves in a critical situation. Religiosity is not a difficult task when everything is in order, but religiosity is tested when a person is in a difficult situation. The only way out of this difficult situation is to rely on God, not to take the right to live from a living being.

The influence of Western culture in the heart of people's lives is other root of the increase in performing abortion. Western worldview is based on humanism and this viewpoint encourages comfort-seeking, totalitarianism, attention to outward beauty, diminishing maternal holiness and in a word selfishness, so some people following the Western worldview do abortion.

Creating negative emotions in a woman after an abortion and the accumulation of these negative emotions can cause mental problems. However, as a mother, this woman has a natural interest in her fetus, and even if she does so voluntarily, her motherly feelings can still not be ignored; therefore, she will experience emotional confusion after the abortion. In addition, a sharp twinge of guilt and remorse can jeopardize the normal course of her life and possibly have a negative effect on her relationship with her husband and others. Even anxiety about performing abortion can be dangerous for future pregnancies.

In some cases, after the abortion, we see numerous conflicts and tensions between men and women. Because the violence resulting from this abortion may create some quarrels between them, and each of them should put the blame on the other to escape the torment of conscience, and thus the family and training of other children may be faced with some problems.

Abortion may be called modern burial alive. Those who perform abortions destroy the divine blessing in their lives. The existence of that child may have been accompanied by many good and blessings, but the parents withhold these blessings from themselves. Therefore, it should be noted that although abortion is performed in a very short period of time, sometimes its complications will affect families for the rest of their lives. The payment of diya (financial compensation) only acquits people from the jurisprudential point of view, but the effects of that sin may remain for a long time or even forever. Therefore, the people must be informed about the depth of this tragedy.

Author: Ms. Zahra Ebrahimi
Translator: Ms. Tahereh Kangazian


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