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Deputy general secretary of Hezbollah :
Hezbollah is a firm defense against the Zionists
Hezbollah is a firm and solid barrier in the way of America and the Zionists and they will have no other option but to retreat.

Hawzah New Agency - (Jabal al-Amal, Lebanon) Shaykh Naim Qasim, the Deputy General Secretary of Hezbollah , in an event that was hosted by the Hezbollah Women's League in celebrating the birth of Lady Fatima (A.S) said: ' America wants Lebanon to bow down to policies of the Zionist entity, however Hezbollah is a firm barrier in their way. They have tried all types of methods in showing their enimity with us. They have imposed sanctions; ignored our legitimate rights, whereas our only crime is that we will not degrade ourselves in following the Zionists and by the support of our military power, nation and resistannce, we have established the power of Lebanon.'

He added:' Hezbollah is the support pillar of Lebanon and without it lebanon will collapse. At this moment in time, Hezbollah is a part of Lebanon that can not be seperated from it and it will also be a big part in protecting the future of Lebanon and a defence against any Zionist invasion.'

The Deputy General Secretary concluded: 'We are prepared and able to assist Lebanon with our capabilities in order to solidify its position amongst the powers of the region. We will also resist any invasion by the Zionists and a ever ready to use our capabilities to respond to them.'    



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