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26 September 2019 - 10:52

Miscellaneous issues of Wuḍū’

Hawzah News Agency – 3 questions answered by Ayatollah Khamenei, pertaining to the rules of Wuḍū’.

Q: What is the rule concerning wuḍū’ performed in the masjids, centers, and government offices built by the government in other Islamic countries?

A: It is permissible and there is no shar‘ī impediment in doing so.

Q: A spring flows out in a piece of land. If we want to carry the water by pipes to an area at a distance of several kilometers, it is necessary to lay pipes on land of some other people. In the case of dissatisfaction of the owners, is it permissible to use the spring water for wuḍū’, ghusl and other acts of purification?

A: If the spring is natural, situated beside and outside other’s property, and its water flows into the pipes before it flows on the ground and carried to the said area, there is nothing wrong in using the water unless the common view consider it a violation of others’ properties.

Q: Although the city water supply department interdicted installation of pumps in the pipeline, in some places water pressure is so low that people in higher stories are forced to use pumps. Considering the abovementioned situation, please provide us with the answer to the following questions:

i. According to Islam, is it permissible to install pumps in order to use more water?

ii. If it is not permissible, what is the ruling in regard to performing wuḍū’ and ghusl with water got through a pump?

A: In the given question, it is not permissible to install and use a pump. Furthermore, performing wuḍū’ and ghusl with water obtained through a pump is problematic.

Source: https://www.leader.ir/en/book/32/Practical-Laws-of-Islam


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