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The Israeli Kikar Hashabat NA:
​Al-Nujaba is going to carry out a missile attack against Hakeria in Tel Aviv
The release of the music video “On Latitude ۳۲” was frequently dealt with by the international media, and the Zionists regarded it as a serious threat against Israel.

Hawzah News Agency (Baghdad, Iraq) – “The Iraqi Resistance’s first Persian music video, released for the first time on the International Quds Day, was critically dealt with by the Zionist, American and regional media.

The Zionist Kikar Hashabat NA, belonging to the hard-line Israeli Jews, through the title “Watch: Threat for attacking Hakeria in Tel Aviv”, wrote, “Hezbollah al-Nujaba, an Iraqi Shiite militia, backed by Iran, has produced a video clip and threatened to carry out an attack against Hakeria in Tel Aviv.”

The said NA reiterated, “The terrorist group of al-Nujaba, backed by Iranian Revolutionary Corps also formerly announced the formation of “Golan” Liberation Brigade.”

“A concern will remain paramount that Iran may secretly equip groups such as al-Nujaba with long-range ballistic missiles”, Kikar Hashabat added.

The Zionist news website, hamal, pointing to the release of the music video “On Latitude ۳۲”, wrote, “Al-Nujaba group, an Iraqi Shiite militia, releasing this video clip, has threatened to attack Hakeri district, in Tel Aviv.”

VOA, associated with the US Department of State, with regard to the release of the mentioned video clip, reported, “In order to provoke anti-Israel feelings, through an open action, the Iranian TV channels broadcasted a video clip, produced by a prominent Iraqi group.”

This state media of the US continued, “The name of this Shiite militia is al-Nujaba Hezbollah, it has been inserted into the US sanction list. In ۲۰۱۷, forming a military brigade, they promised to oust Israel from the Golan disputed region.”

VOA added, “The video clip produced by this militant Iraqi group, both in Persian and Arabic, initially narrates and pictures the combat against the ISIS in Iraq, and then communicates the message that their next mission is fighting against Israel.

Quoting Meir Javedanfar, the faculty member of Herzliya College, VOA warned, “The release of such propaganda movies demonstrates that Iran and the groups it backs, specifically al-Nujaba, are preparing to undermine the security of the northern borders of Israel.”

The Kuwaiti al-Qabas Paper also wrote, “Producing a five-minute music video, the Iraqi al-Nujaba militia has presented a scenario showing a child, who following the killing of his father by the ISIS, promises to continue his father’s path and fight against Israel the same.”

The said paper described the production and release of the music video “ON Lattitude ۳۲” as a step taken for the promotion of the propaganda policies, followed by Iran for influencing the public thought and the distribution of IRI ideology across the Middle East.”

It is noteworthy that the music video “On Latitude ۳۲”, produced by al-Nujaba’s Centre for Relations and Media Affairs in Iran, has three Persian, Arabic and Hebrew versions. Besides, the title of the music video refers to the missile coordinate of Hakeria, the military and strategic centre of the Zionist Regime, located in Tel Aviv; a coordinate introduced for the first time by this video clip.

“On latitude ۳۲” narrates the story of al-Nujaba’s snipers and the ISIS terrorists, happened in Syria, “two defenders of Harim, a fighter of al-Nujaba (Sabir) and another Iranian military advisor (Ali), play the main roles in this story. During the fight against the terrorists of the ISIS, Ali is targeted by the enemy and at the point of his martyrdom, gives a plaque, engraved with the word “Quds Belongs to the US”. Upon the fall of the ISIS group, the combatants of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance moved towards Golan Heights and showed that their ultimate goal is to demolish the Zionist Regime and liberation of the holy Quds”.



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