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Book introduction:
"Goal of Life" By martyred scholar, Murtadha Mutahhari
One of the most important questions we should seek the answer is "What is the goal of creation of man as well as other creatures"?

Hawzah News Agency - According to martyred Mutahhari's book "Goal of Life", one of the fundamental problems to investigate is the goal of life. Man always asks questions like what he lives for and what his objective in life should be. From the viewpoint of Islam, one would as well ask: "What is the objective and purpose of prophetic missions?"

The objective of the prophetic missions is not dissimilar to individual goals of men (peoples), for whom the prophets have been appointed; for, the prophets are sent to guide men towards certain goals. Going one step further, we could ask: "What is the goal of creation, of man as well as other creatures? "

Accordingly, this book contains the five following lectures:

1.  The Goal of Creation

2.  The Basis of Individual and Social Ethics

3.  Faith, schools of Thought and World Vision

4.  Islamic Faith and Human Perfection

5.  Summing up Islamic Monotheism

These lectures are closely connected in this way that they offer various ideas offered by various schools and particularly Islam concerning the goal of life and human perfection.

Enjoy reading this book.



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