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Call for submissions for the ۲۱st Islamic seminaries of Iran book of the year awards
Iranian Seminarians who possess academic publications may partake in the ۲۱st Islamic seminaries of Iran Book of the Year Awards by submitting their published works or Level-۴ (Doctorate) Theses.

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) –  Male and female seminarians within and outside of the Islamic Republic of Iran who possess academic publications or their publishers may partake in the ۲۱st Islamic seminaries of Iran Book of the Year Awards by submitting their published works or Level-4 (Doctorate) Theses.

Conditions for Entrance

  • The author of the work must be an Islamic seminarian
  • Books and works that were published for the first time in 1397 H.S. or those that were published by international publishers between the years 2017-2018 or 1438 A.H – 1440 A.H. may be submitted
  • Level-4 (Doctorate) Theses that were defended in 1397 H.S. at a recognized seminary, university or academic center may be submitted (A letter confirming the defense, in addition to the PDF file of the thesis must be uploaded)
  • If a translated book is submitted, it must be accompanied with the original book on the source language          


Submission Method

1- Registering via the website: www.ketabehowzeh.ir and acquiring a confirmation code

2- Sending two copies of the work to the secretariat of the awards


Deadline for Submissions

The deadline for submissions is the 15th of Khordad 1398 H.S. (5th of June 2019)

Contact Us


Website: www.ketabehowzeh.ir

Telephone: +98 (0) 253 7255890 (Internal 603-605)

Eitaa User ID: @khowzeh

SMS Answering Service: 100007020

P.O. Address: Head Office of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran, Mujtame Dar al-Wilayah, Bulvar Intezar, Jamkaran, Qom, Iran (Islamic Rep. of)  

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