Friday, May 24, 2019
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Assault on Muslim man by police in Humberside, officers denied
Humberside Police has ‘categorically denied’ its officers were involved in an ‘assault’ on a ‘Muslim man’ after a video emerged on social media showing an officer repeatedly hitting a man on the head.

Hawzah News Agency (Humberside, UK) – The video which was shared online, appears to show a number of officers attempting to restrain a man, with one repeatedly hitting him on the head with an object. As it emerged that six Humberside police officers had been suspended on Thursday for breaching the force’s standards of behaviour, many people online claimed that this was linked to the online video.

However, a spokesperson for Humberside Police ‘categorically denied there was link between the video and the suspension of the officers’. Head of Professional Standards, Superintendent Matt Baldwin told ‘We can confirm that the suspension of the six Humberside Officers last week is not in relation to the video footage currently being circulated on social media’.

 ‘Based on the uniforms being worn, the officers in the video do not appear to be Humberside Police Officers.  However, we will carry out further checks to confirm that this is the case’. The Humberside Police Professional Standards Department is conducting a separate investigation following the disciplinary action. The case, involving the six officers’ suspected breach of conduct, has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

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