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Sabah to recruit ۳۰۰ new Islamic teachers
Sabah aims to recruit ۳۰۰ new teachers for secondary and primary schools managed by the State’s Islamic authority, Law and Native Affairs Minister Datuk Aidi Mohtar .


       Hawzah News Agency (Sabah, Malaysia)- Speaking to reporters during a get-together with Islamic educators here, Aidi said 170 of the new teaching posts are currently being interviewed.

“We aim to have 300 new teachers to be posted in secondary and primary schools managed by the Sabah Islamic Religious Affairs Department [Jheains] throughout the State,” said Aidi.

“In the past, we had 100 new teachers. This year, 170 of the 300 are currently in the interviewing process following a relaxing of the new hire freeze previously in place perhaps because of budget constraints.

“We also hope the grades of Islamic educators are increased, for example, a principal should be at Grade 54, their senior assistant Grade 52 and teachers at Grades 41 and 44.

“They should be at par with their counterparts under the Ministry of Education,” said Aidi, adding there are six secondary Islamic schools and about 100 primary ones in Sabah.

Earlier, Aidi addressed Jheains educators in Papar during a session at Sekolah Menengah Agama Negeri Toh Puan Hajjah Rahmah in Kinarut, here.

In his address, Aidi said it is time certain agencies now under his Ministry be restructured to reflect their core business of Islamic education.


Aidi also said the students’ food allowance should be increased from the current RM13 per student per day to match that of the Ministry of Education.

He also promised to seek allocations to upgrade facilities such as the surau and science laboratory, and ordered that action be taken against a contractor who allegedly did not properly finish a sport field project at the school in Kinarut.

Meanwhile, Jheains Director Saiful Zaman Sangul said the department will implement a new directive from Aidi.

“This is our new direction as Islamic education is our core business.”

His Deputy Director Awang Omar Pengiran Gana and Jheains Principal Assistant Director for Education Abdul Rahman Talipudin were among those present at the event.



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