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Ayatollah Kashani urges massive presence in Islamic Revolution anniversary rallies
A senior Iranian cleric has called for huge turnout of people in Iran's ۱۹۷۹ Islamic Revolution victory anniversary rallies. Ayatollah Emami Kashani said that Washington has lost its international prestige.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran - Iran) - Huge turnout of people in the nationwide rallies, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran (February 11), will disappoint enemy, Tehran's Provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani said in the second sermon of his Friday prayers speech.

The 10-day period from the Imam Khomeini's return on February 1, 1979 until the revolution’s victory on February 11 is celebrated in Iran annually and is dubbed as the Ten-Day Fajr (Dawn).



Elsewhere in his remarks, the cleric underlined the importance of national unity and solidarity in the country to preserve the revolution achievements.

The cleric referred to the US unilateral measures and criminal actions in the world and said that Washington has lost its international prestige.

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