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Muslim and Sikh volunteers help spread Christmas cheer to some of Britain's most vulnerable people
As Christmas Day approaches, many people across the country will find themselves in a difficult situation and unable to celebrate with friends or family.

Hawzah News Agency - Several non-Christian faith-based charities from across the country will be spending their Christmas doing what they can to help those who are most vulnerable during the festive period.

Members from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) UK will be spending Christmas Day at several residential homes across the country offering free taxi services, serving Christmas dinners and presenting festive gifts.

Nadeem Ahmed, regional youth leader for Yorkshire, explained: “It was such an honour to extend a helping hand and to bring a smile to the faces of so many people.

“We felt like a family with the people we helped and that is how they felt too. People may wonder why we take time out to help when we don’t celebrate Christmas, but we enjoy doing the voluntary work we do because it is our religious obligation.

Islam encourages us to help alleviate hardships and respect and honour our elders.”

The Almanaar Muslim cultural heritage centre in Kensington will be opening their doors at 9am on Christmas Day and will be offering breakfast, lunch and dinner to anyone who attends.

They have said there will be a "bakery and cereals selection" and "vegetarian and meat" options, to ensure everyone is catered for.

Randeep Singh, the global operations director from Nishkam Sikh welfare and awareness team (SWAT), a charity based in West London, will be handing out food and clothing on Christmas day.

“It will be business as usual serving humanity as we do all year round, providing a hot meal, along with non-perishables such as crisps, biscuits, chocolates, nuts and fruit,” Mr Singh said.

“We will also be giving out warm clothing, sleeping bags, gloves, hats, socks, blankets and thermals. We will also be giving out specially made hampers which have been specially made and consist of essential items you made need if you have been forced to live on the street.”

The group also held a Christmas street party for those who are homeless in London.

Clothes and food was handed out while an LED screen, a DJ, lighting, a smoke machine, a choir and a steel band entertained the guests.

But it’s not just faith-based charities doing their bit, Shasi and Pallu Patel, a devout Hindu couple who own Meet and Deep Newsagents in Twickenham, will be dressing up in festive outfits and handing out free mince pies and sweets to anyone who drops by on Christmas day.

They’ve been being opening their doors during the Christmas period for 30 years and have also promised to give anyone who wants one, a festive hug.

“If you are alone, pop in for a hug and a mince pie! You don’t have to buy anything, we are family,” they said.

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