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Worcester mosque set to be approved by council planners
PLANS to build a mosque on an old school car park look set to be approved at a planning meeting next week.

Hawzah News Agency (Worcester, UK) - An application by Worcester Muslim Welfare Association (WMWA) wants to build the mosque as well as apartments and a new sports centre on the old Stanley Road School car park in Worcester has been earmarked for approval by the city council's planning officers.

WMWA plans to move its mosque from Tallow Hill to Stanley Road to cater for its growing number of worshippers.

A report, to be read by Worcester City Council's planning committee at a meeting next Thursday (December 13), recommends the mosque is approved by councillors saying it would have environmental, economic and social benefits.

The plans also include demolishing an old caretaker's home at the site and build four apartments.

The properties would be rented out to help raise funds for the new mosque.

The overall development, including the sports centre and apartments, is expected to cost around £5 million.

The new mosque would have the capacity to accommodate around 800 worshippers - compared to 500 at the existing Tallow Hill mosque - and would also be open seven days a week for prayers throughout the year.

Council planners said the noise from worshippers entering and leaving the mosque would be an acceptable level. Worcestershire Regulatory Services raised no objections to the plan and said noise would not "adversely" impact neighbouring residents.

Of the 255 responses from neighbours, more than half objecting to the plans with 76 backing the mosque.

Objections to the plans included a concern over increased congestion on surrounding roads, noise during and after construction, the scale of the design

Others questioned the need for a mosque in the city, the availability of alternative locations around Worcester and some said they would prefer to see houses built.

Those speaking in favour of the mosque said it would provide a much-needed community facility for the area, would support integration and social cohesion.

Others praised the location as perfectly placed for the Muslim community in the city and would be an opportunity for Worcester to demonstrate a "readiness to embrace."

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