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Islamic finance forum to be held in Colombo
The Islamic Finance Forum of South Asia themed ‘Sustaining stability in the region’ will be held for the ۳rd consecutive .

Hawzah News Agency (Colombo, Sri Lanka) - The Islamic Finance Forum of South Asia (IFFSA) 2018 themed ‘Sustaining stability in the region’ will be held for the 3rd consecutive year on October 23 at the Ramada Hotel, Colombo.

With Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives and Sri Lanka, enjoying buoyant markets, the event is expected to draw visitors from not just the region but also from the Middle East and beyond.

While Blockchain and Fintech were the ‘hot topics’ that took centre stage last year, IFFSA 2018 will focus on some of the more contemporary regional and global areas.

The impact of the escalating trade war between two of the largest economies of the world cannot be overlooked in a conference of this nature, especially with the ramifications on trade within and between countries in the region.

The United Nations’ SDG initiatives, given its alignment with the objectives of Islamic Banking, is another area that the Conference would focus on. Risk, a compelling topic among bankers would be re-visited, in light of Shariah compliance risk rising to the fore.

The day’s proceedings will end with a break out session on an ‘Invitation Only’ basis to discuss the formation of an Association of South Asian Alternate Industry Practitioners, an idea mooted at IFFSA 2017.

State Minister of Finance & Mass Media, Eran Wickramaratne, will be the chief guest.

The IFFSA Awards Night will follow to recognise contributions made by individuals and institutions to the IBF industry in the South Asian Region.



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