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Director of Hawzah Ilmiyya of Yazd:
"Yazd scholars will be sent for Arba'een March"
Director of Yazd's Hawzah Ilmiyya referring to the slogan of this year, "Every Talabe, an Ambassador'' said: The passionate presence of Muslims in Arba'een Hossaini is destroying the conspiracy of the enemies.

Hawzah News Agency (Yazd, Iran) – Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad Shams, today afternoon, among the members of the Arba'een in Hawzah Ilmiyya  of Yazd 'Islamic Seminary', pointing out to the importance of the visiting the holy shrine of Imam Hussain (a.s.) during days of Arba'een, said: "Given the importance of Arba'een and the fact that the enemies seek to diminish the global community and destroy the unity of the two countries of Iran and Iraq, therefore, the increasing presence of Muslims in this spiritual path will lead to the disappearance of the evil conspiracies of the enemies of Islam and revolution.''



Director of Hawzah Ilmiyya of Yazd stating that many Yazd scholars were sent to Arba'een March past years, added: "Last year we sent almost 150 Talabe 'Islamic students' to Karbala and God willing this year, we will be sending more Talabes."



Referring to the choice of the slogan 'Every Talabe, an Ambassador' for Arba'een this year, he noted: ''Many narratives emphasize the presence of Muslims in Arba'een Hossaini, therefore, it is necessary for any Muslim to participate in this spiritual journey. 





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