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۵۲ suspected militants killed in Sinai, says Egypt army
Egyptian security forces have killed ۵۲ suspected militants in the Sinai Peninsula in operations in which three soldiers also died, the army says.

Hawzah News Agency (Sinai, Egypt) - The military launched a sweeping operation in February focused on the Sinai in eastern Egypt aimed at wiping out militants, including from Daesh, who have been waging a bloody insurgency.

On Monday, the military said that 52 "Takfiris" were killed in two separate operations by security forces in the restive peninsula.

Three members of the armed forces were also killed in these operations, it said in a statement, without stating when they took place.

The military has regularly reported operations in the Sinai since it launched the campaign.

According to official figures, a total of more than 350 suspected militants and at least 30 soldiers have been killed in the "Sinai 2018" campaign.

Security sources said last week that local Daesh leader Abu Hamza al-Maqdisi had been killed in an air raid on the Sinai. The militant group confirmed his death.

Militants have killed hundreds of police officers and soldiers in the Sinai since the army ousted Egypt's president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

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