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Three hurt as car hits Hussaini mourners after 'tirade of racist abuse'
Mournerd attending the annual Al Hussaini Majlis in Cricklewood were indiscriminately mown down in a suspected premeditated Islamphobic attack last night.

Hawzah News Agency (London, UK) – Eye witnesses saw a red Nissan Juke hurtling down Oxgate Lane just as the evening programme finished, mounting the pavement and hitting innocent members of the community who were heading home at around midnight.

Patrons were attending a 10-day series of lectures commemorating a saint known as Husssain who was the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson.

This is an annual event that takes place globally and in many Islamic centres in London.

This series of lectures is the largest in terms of attendance in London and was organized by The Hussaini Association at a site in Cricklewood, North West London.

The programme for the eighth night had just finished and as the attending patrons were leaving, the suspect vehicle turned onto Oxgate Lane from a side road and sped down, heading towards the Edgware Road junction.

It swerved into innocent bystanders, hitting at least 5 people of which 3 were seriously injured. They are currently receiving treatment in hospital.

The driver was a Caucasian male and had 3 passengers in the car with him. The passengers were 2 males and a female and all of them were also of Caucasian origin.

They were heard shouting anti-Islamic taunts at the crowd before they started their attack.

Fortunately, a number of volunteers bravely stood between the speeding vehicle and patrons heading home. These acts of bravery potentially saved the lives of dozens of innocent people from being taken.

One volunteer was one of those seriously injured and he has also been rushed to hospital.

Police were quickly on the scene and the entire section of Oxgate Lane from the junction of Coles Green Road to Edgware Road has been cordoned off as a forensic investigation takes place.

The Hussaini Association has been holding such events for several decades in London, with an exemplary record of cooperation with police, neighbors and members of the public of all faiths and none.

Spokespersons for The Hussaini Association said: “We are in deep shock at such an attack taking place on our community but remain proud to live in a diverse and tolerant society and as such we remain unintimidated and encourage all to continue to attend the Majlis (gathering) of Hussein - a man who defied a tyrant to deliver a message of love, unity and patience which we remember to this day”.

The annual series of lectures will finish on Thursday with a planned procession in Central London that will start in Marble Arch and end at Downing Street.



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