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Islamic academy of Germany holds “ ۱-year courses of Islamic theology"
The Islamic Academy of Germany will offer a ۱-Year Courses in Islamic Theology to better equip Muslims to know, understand and explain Islam.

Hawzah News Agency (Hamburg, Germany) – Starting from fall semester 2018/19, the Islamic Academy of Germany (IAD) will offer a 1-Year Courses in Islamic Theology that aims to better equip Muslims to know, understand and explain Islam.


What is Offered in this Program?

The study includes the following subjects:

  • Islamic Beliefs
  • Islamic Jurisprudence
  • Islamic Ethics
  • Quran Recitation
  • Reading Arabic Scripts
  • Persian Language (Reading, writing and speaking)
  • Stories of the Prophets in the Quran

The eligible students are also offered the following:

  • Moral and Educational Counselling and Advisement from Professional Mentors
  • Assistance in the Establishment of an Islamic Individual Day Plan
  • Attending the Annual Study Trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran


The IAD offers to all students:

  • Accommodation including Meals in the IAD
  • Free Access to the IAD Fitness Hall


What are the Admission Requirements?


  • Age: From 16 to 24 years (Under certain conditions, applicants over 24 years could be accepted)
  • Valid Residence Permit/Passport in a European Country
  • Complete Language Skills in at least one European Language (spoken and written)
  • 10th Grade or Higher
  • Successful Interview with the IAD Staff


What are the Study Fees?

  • The 1-Year Courses at the IAD are basically free

On completion of the 1-year courses in Islamic Theology, eligible students can progress to the second year of one of the Bachelors (BA) offered by the IAD.

It is worth mentioning that  the number of study places is limited. Hence, an early application is strongly recommended. application deadline is  September 24, 2018. applicants can send short CV by e-mail and contact University by phone and email:



Tel. : +49 176 43 33 70 44 (English, Arabic, French) +49 1721434991 (German, Persian)





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