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Director general of environmental protection of Qom province:
Hosseini mourners to preserve the environment during Muharram and Safar
Director general of environmental protection of Qom province said: "Hosseini mourners should be particularly careful about protecting the environment and the general health of the community in the days of Muharram and Safar."

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) – Seyyed Reza Mousavi, in a conversation with the media, pointing the starting days of the Muharram, and martyr of Hazrat Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (a.s,), said: "Enjoining good and forbidding wrong is one of the most important goals of the Ashura uprising and undoubtedly the preservation and protection of the environment is an example of that."

Referring to the valuable place of the environment in the religious teachings and the sire of Ahl al-Bayt (a.s.), he pointed out: "The mourners of Hosseini during the time of Muharram and Safar, in groups of mournings, Tekyehes, mosques and Hussainiyas, should be more concerned with maintaining the general health of the community and the cleanliness of the environment."



Director general of environmental protection of Qom Province, expressing that in the days of Muharram and Safar, a large volume of food is distributed in disposable containers, emphasized the necessity of using vegetable and aluminum containers instead of plastic containers.

"Plastic containers, in addition to widespread environmental pollution and hundreds of years of survival in nature, in contact with food and hot drinks, produce very harmful substances, which is dangerous to the health of citizens." he said.



At the end stating that the officials of the religious groups, preachers, speakers and communities as well as public organizations can play an important role in environmental culture in the community, he said: "Salavati stations and citizens which distribute foodstuffs in disposable containers, should make sure to keep waste bins and trash bags near their places.

Also avoiding loss of energy, proper and optimal use of water and avoid wasting Nadhr are among the other points that Hossein's mourners should pay attention to in these days."

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