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Commander of the Ashura Corps said:
۳۰۰ jihadi groups operate in the deprived areas of Eastern Azerbaijan
Basiji Talab and clerics in eastern Azerbaijan were deployed along with ۳۰۰ jihadi groups to serve the deprived areas of the province.

Hawzah News Agency (Eastern Azerbaijan, Iran) – Abedin Khorram, Commander of the Ashura Corps of East Azerbaijan, today, in the Tabriz Campaign's jihadists' ceremony, pointing out that jihadists from the Basiji Talab and clerics from Eastern Azerbaijan will serve in the areas noted: “Six thousand Basiji Talab and clerics from Eastern Azerbaijan’s Hawzah Ilmiyya ‘Seminary School’ were sent along with 300 jihadi groups to serve the deprived areas throughout the province.”

He added: “The first phase of this exercise has begun by sending jihadi groups to the periphery of the cities and all jihadi groups of the province are concentrated on the sidelines of the provincial capital from 30 August to 20 September. They will provide free medical services, construction services, construction and restoration of deprived homes, water and sewage projects, and restoration and coloring of schools.”

Commander Abedin Khorram

He also mentioned of providing cultural and educational services for adolescents, counseling and psychology, legal, industrial and training services in the field of employment, distribution of stationery packs, food and clothing packages and dowries for brides in these areas.

The commander of the Ashura Corps continued: “The second phase of this exercise runs from 13 to 14 September in order to improve the security of the neighborhoods by the 40 Battalions of Beit-e Moghaddas in 23 districts of the province.”





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