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Stockholm Islamic center to host recitation of Arafah supplication
The Imam Ali (as) Islamic Center in Stockholm, Sweden, will host a program on Tuesday in which the Arafah Supplication is recited.

Hawzah News Agency (Stockholm, Sweden) - According to the center’s website, the program will begin at 5 PM at the center’s Mosalla (prayer hall).

It will include recitation of verses from the Quran, recitation of the Arafah Supplication.



The Arafah Supplication is the prayer of Imam Hussein (as) on the Day of Arafah.

The Day of Arafah is an Islamic holiday that falls on the 9th day of Dhul Hajjah in the lunar Islamic Calendar. It is the second day of the Hajj pilgrimage and comes before Eid al-Adha (the Feast of Sacrifice).

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