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Presence of Quranic delegation in Hajj helps to dispel Myths about Iran, Shias
An Iranian veteran Quran activist said dispatching the country’s Quranic convoy, known as the Noor (light) convoy), to Hajj helps to dispel myths Quranic activities in Iran.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) - Mohammad Hossein Sabzali noted that in some Arab countries, the lie has been spread that Iranians do not pay attention to the Quran.

Sending the Quranic convoy to Hajj where Muslims from all over gather every year helps to dispel this myth and remind others that the Islamic Iran attaches special importance to the Quran and Quranic activities, he said.

Sabzali added that the convoy’s Quranic programs in the Holy Land are more effective in informing Muslims about the importance of Quran among Shia Muslims and Iranians that holding lectures and talks.

Every year millions of Muslims from around the world gather in the holy city of Mecca for the annual Hajj.

Iran also sends pilgrims as well as a groups of Quran activists, known as the Noor (light) Hajj Delegation.

They are selected Quran reciters, memorizers and Tawasheeh (religious singing) groups sent to Saudi Arabia during Hajj annually to perform Quranic program s in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

The members of the delegation hold various Quranic and religious performances, including Quran recitation sessions for the pilgrims.



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