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Religious scholar killed in West Afghanistan
A religious scholar was assassinated last night by unknown people, which made people react, said the spokesman of Afghanistan's Herat Province.

Hawzah News Agency (Kabul, Afghanistan) ‌- Farhad Tavakkoli added that the people of Herat organized a sit-ins and protests in front of the governor-general's office to demand an investigation into the incidents, which was answered positively.

Tavakkoli was a representative of Ayatollah Hakim and a politically and religiously active scholar.


In past, Sheik Abdulvahed Saberi and Yuonos Alavi were assassinated; the killers have not been identified. 

The President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani condemned killing of known religious scholars and called it unforgivable crime.


Ghani said that such killings are not acceptable in any religions, ordering the security authority of Herat to investigate the incident and arrest the criminals. 

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