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Police in Canada inspecting arson at Alberta mosque
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Alberta, say they're investigating an arson at a mosque in a community west of Edmonton.

Hawzah News Agency (Alberta, Canada) - Police say damage to the Edson Mosque on Saturday night was minor and that no one was injured.

But Toufik Baterdouk, vice-president of Islamic Society of Edson and Masjid, says the case is disturbing because several members of the mosque had just finished prayers and were still in the parking lot when the flames broke out.



Baterdouk says the fire damaged the front door and some siding, and there was an odor of gasoline around the door afterward.

He says security footage appears to show someone with a bag walking away from the mosque just moments after the fire began.



Baterdouk says the mosque in Edson has been open for about five years and there have never been problems before.



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