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Iran Ambassador: Muslim countries should jointly work to protect Palestinians’ rights
Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan says all nations in the world, especially Muslim countries like Iran and Pakistan should utilize their all endeavors and capacities to protect the rights of oppressed people of Palestine.

Hawzah News Agency (Islamabad, Pakistan) - Mehdi Honardoost while making a speech on Al-Quds day said founder of Islamic Revolution late Imam Khomeini named last Friday of Ramadan as Al-Quds day to expose the support of imperialist forces and criminal silence of international organizations on the atrocities of Zionist regime against innocent Palestinians.

He said: 'In today’s world we witness war, bloodshed and conflicts in the Islamic world, various Islamic countries especially in the Middle East are suffering from wars which have inflicted irreparable human and material loss on the Islamic Ummah undoubtedly.'

“There are foreign imperialistic hands behind occurrence of these wars and bloodshed that have disturbed the stability and tranquility of the Islamic world for fulfilling their own interests,” he added.

The ambassador expressing his views said the wars during two recent decades in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan have been the result of the imagination and divisions by the imperialist powers in the Islamic world that have led to nothing but destruction in the Islamic countries and further weakening of the Islamic communities. 

While referring to the US decision to relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem he said: The recent US step is considered another Balfour declaration, which damaged feelings of more than one billion Muslims.

“In none of the eras of history, no nation of the world has to confront such sorrowful grief and atrocities like the people of Palestine,” he said.

He said that through a conspiracy, a country is completely occupied and its nation kicked out of its home and alien groups from various parts of the world are brought and lodged there. 

“The real existence of a land is ignored and a fake existence is replaced by it, this existence is also supported by world imperialistic powers,” Mehdi Honardoost noted.

He said in view of the oppressive approach of imperialistic powers against Muslim countries especially Palestine “all the Muslim countries should, by utilizing their potential, strengthening solidarity and unity in the support of that land and countering usurper Israeli regime, take a step to keep Al-Quds as the permanent capital of Palestine.”

In this regard, he said, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran late Imam Khomeini named the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as Quds Day, “so that all the Muslims in the world in an organized manner can protest against silence of the international organizations and support of imperialistic powers for Israel and suppression of Palestinians and take steps in favor of Palestine.”

“Quds Day does not only belong to the people of Palestine rather it is a day of expressing unity and solidarity by the Muslims. This day is to show endeavor for getting back the denied rights of the oppressed people of Palestine and express the hatred against the hegemonic Zionist system and illegal regime of Israel. Quds Sharif, as an important city of Palestine has special significance for Muslims because Aqsa Mosque, the first Qibla of the Muslims is situated in this city,” he said. 



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