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News Code : 352205 | Publish Date :2018/6/8 - 21:10 | Category: FORUM

Larijani: Israel fearful of resistance power
Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the awareness and resistance of the Palestinian people have worried the Zionist regime as it has realized that its security is fragile.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) - 'Today the resistance move has gained much more power and the reconciliation plans have faded,' he said addressing a large crowd of Friday prayers worshippers in Tehran.

The Iranian official said the Zionist regime is assuming that the terrorist group Daesh (or ISIS, also called ISIL) has exhausted the Muslims.


'The assumption is no more than an illusion,' the speaker said.

Today we are witnessing that the Zionist regime is too worried, and the reason is the rising power of the resistance, he said.


The regime is resorting to the US and Saudi Arabia in a preventive move, Larijani said, adding that the first thing they do is to distract attentions from the Palestine cause.

The evil triad is trying to push Iran to the corner, but they should be aware that this will lead to their own insecurity, he said.



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