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"Islam and citizens' rights" book released
Iran's Ehsan publication has released book on the rights of citizens in view of Islam and holy Qur'an.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) - "Islam and Citizens' Rights" is the title for the latest book by Iranian Sunni-run Ehsan Publication in line with shedding more light on Islamic view on the rights of civilians.
Iranian author, Mohammad Ahmadian, has written the book edited by Kajal Allah Moradi published by Ehsan Publication.


The book in four sections defines and details the civilians’ rights and counts the executive guarantees for that.
The four sections in the book "Islam and Civilians' Rights: Executive Guarantees" include: 1-Civil Rights in Islam, 2- Executive guarantee for civil rights in Islam, 3- Executive guarantee for human rights in democratic systems and also 4- Convergence of executive guarantees in Islam and democratic systems.


Introduction for the book opens with definition of human rights as a combination of privileges necessary to continue one’s life.
Part of the book reads, "In regards to the fact that three factors:  population(nation), land (geography) and political power play key role in formation of a government while two factors political power and the nation are the first needed to prevent any violation of  human rights besides the United Nations and its affiliated organizations as the third factor."


This section in another paragraph says, "In formation of a political society, people and the political power play the key role" and defines nation as the sum of people who comprise a government-country and counted that as a social plurality besides the state.

According to the book nation is a human classification whose members feel they are connected together via temporal and spiritual links.


Ehsan Publication is a major Sunni publication whose books are welcome by both Shia and Sunni scholars in Iran.



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