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American Analyst of Russia Today (RT):
"Zionist media show Palestinians as usurpers"
“Zionist media describes the Palestinians as if they are invaders and they seized Zionist-owned Jewish lands,” an American analyst of 'Russia Today' said. // "The United States and the Zionists think that any deal with Iran is a bad deal."

Hawzah News Agency (Gorgan, Iran) - According to the news staff of the 6th International Conference of New Horizon, Michael Jones in the serial meetings entitled "Jerusalem, the Eternal Capital of Palestine" "held by the efforts of Razavi Youth Network and by presence of foreign guests of the conference in Gorgan stated, “In the US presidential election, Hillary Clinton was the representative of a party that destroyed Muammar Gaddafi and Libya, but contrary to Clinton, Trump said he would withdraw troops from foreign countries."

"There are three parties in the United States, who support money and power, and a party which is not biased. The American people voted for Donald Trump, so maybe the government would quench its war appetite" he asserted.


Director of the American Journal War of Cultures, pointing out that New York is being run by Jews added, “In order to keep himself safe from the pressure of the powers, Trump entrusted the Jews because he believes that the only strong group able to support him are them."

"The Trump's slogan in the presidential election was that he would put US policies and interests first; however, now the situation is as such that the first US policy is Israel” Jones expressed.


"There are three reasons why the nuclear deal between Iran and the United States has been eliminated; those three reasons are three persons who determine the foreign policy of the United States and they are all Jewish", he pointed out.

"When the US signs a contract, no law or court annul it. The question here is whether everyone is equal before the law, or there is a group for which no law has been defined and that group is the Jews," the American analyst of Russia Today continued.


"The American people do not feel good about the fact that the US embassy is to be moved to the Jerusalem; however, for seventy years the American people are under the influence of the Zionist media and the media's propaganda affects people," Jones said on the American embassy relocation to Jerusalem.

"The Zionist media show the Palestinians as if they are the invaders, and on the other hand, many Christian clerics in the United States believe the Israelis have the right to take Palestinian property for themselves," he said.


"The United States and the Zionists think that any deal with Iran is a bad deal. The Zionists would be happy when Iran is destroyed and a state dominated by them in Iran seizes the power," he expressed.

"Obama and the Democrats were trying to reduce the domination of the Jews, consequently AIPAC failed, even the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has repeatedly stated that Iran is not seeking to build a nuclear bomb," Jones added.


"If Merkel, the German Prime Minister, continues to prefer the American people's wishes to the German's, she will not be elected next time, which is what happened in the previous German election and the National Party was able to grasp many votes in 16 days and Merkel became the prime minister," he remarked.



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