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Iranian professional teaching Quran in Berlin
The Dar-ol-Quran of the Islamic Center of Berlin in Germany holds weekly Quran teaching sessions.

Hawzah News Agency (Berlin, Germany) - According to the center’s website, those willing to learn the Quran can take part in the Quranic sessions regardless of their age.

Quran reading, Tajweed principles, Sawt and Lahn, and Quranic concepts are some of the subjects taught in the sessions.

Abdol Vahid Jafarzadeh, an Iranian Qari and Quran expert, is the instructor of the courses.

Jafarzadeh was born in the Iranian capital of Tehran in 1965.

He learned the Quran with prominent experts like Mohammad Ghaffari, Ali Arbabi, and Seyed Mohsen Khoddam Hosseini.

Jafarzadeh has won a number of titles in national and international Quran competitions, including the top prize in Syria’s international Quran contest in 1991.



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