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Iranian academic figures discuss translation of Islamic texts in Russia
Members of the scientific board of Tehran university's faculty of Theology paid a visit to Russia's Islamic studies foundation in Moscow.

Hawzah News Agency (Moscow, Russia) - According to the website of the foundation, the academic figures discussed mutual cooperation in Quranic, religious and research fields.

Majid Ma'aref, Abdul Hadi Feqhizade, Ahad Faramarz Qaramaleki, Ali Asgari Yazdi, Mahmoud Wa'ezi and Ali Bayat were members of the Iranian delegation that had a meeting with Hameed Hadawi, head of the foundation.



Online teaching of Islamic courses, translation of research works into Russian, publication of a collection of joint research articles on Islamic issues, Quran, Hadith, ethics, and theology, holding annual and quarterly joint specialized forums and scientific interaction between Iranian and Russian researchers and university instructors were among the themes discussed at the meeting.

Activities of the foundation, quality of Quran translations in Russian, studies of Hadith sources and Islamic heritage in Russia and ethics in industrialized and developed countries were also discussed by the scholars.


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