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۷۰,۰۰۰ sign up to take part in Iran Nat’l Quran contest
While registration for the ۴۱st national Quran competition in Iran is going to end on May ۲۱, an official said some ۷۰,۰۰۰ individuals have signed up for the event so far, an official said.

Hawzah News Agency (Tehran, Iran) - Head of the Quranic Affairs Center of the Awqaf and Charity Affairs Organization said the contest will begin at the local level after the end of registration.

Hojat-ol-Islam Seyed Mostafa Hosseini noted that it will be held in 15 categories, including Tarteel and Tahqiq recitation of Quran, Quran memorization, choral recitation, memorization of Hadith, Adhan (call to prayers), and Quran interpretation.

According to the official, the provincial stage is slated to begin on June 22.

He added that the central city of Arak will host the national stage on October 2-17.

Every year thousands of men and women attend the competition, which is aimed at promoting the learning of the Quran and identifying Quranic talents.



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