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Supreme Leader's representative:
US, its allies are after causing war in middle east
"US and its allied are after triggering war in the region," underlined Supreme Leader's representative in Lorestan Province.

Hawzah News Agency (Lorestan, Iran) - Supreme Leader's representative in Lorestan Province, Seyyed Ahmad Mir Emadi  lectured US policy in Middle East urging Muslims to be much more vigilant against the plots hatched by western countries in the region.

Slamming series of missile attacks launched by the US and its allies in Syria, the religious cleric unmasked those countries supplying the route for such willful step stressing; the event was the result of schemes hatched by the foresaid western countries in cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

To Seyyed Ahmad Mir Emadi, what these countries seek is triggering war in the region; given that it is upon Muslim nations to be much more aware of the concocted plots.

In response to what the US, France and Britain claimed was a chemical attack by the Syrian government in the town named "Douma" in the suburb of Damascus, they launched a series of missile attacks against Syria.

The attacked was condemned by all countries and all featured faces including political and religious thinkers across the globe.



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