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۳۵۰۰ Convicts in Iran’s western province learn Quran reading
The director general of penitentiaries in Iran’s western province of Kordestan said ۸ Dar-ol-Quran centers are active in prisons in the province.

Hawzah News Agency (Kordestan, Iran) - Is’haq Ebrahimi told  they hold courses for inmates on Quran reading, Tajweed recitation, Tafsir (interpretation) and memorization for.  

He added that more than 3,500 inmates serving terms in the province’s jails learned reading the Quran in the past year.

According to the official, 11 skilled Quran instructors teach the courses.

Stressing the effectiveness of the courses, he said 13 inmates who took the courses have even received Quran teaching certificates and teach the Quran to other prisoners.

Ebrahimi said the centers also organize Quran recitation sessions and Quran competitions for inmates, staff and security personnel in prisons.



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