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News Code : 349689 | Publish Date :2017/7/10 - 08:31 | Category: HOWZAH
Ayat. Namazi meets with Iranian Hajj Officials in Kashan;
"Hajj must not be shut down"

Hawzah News Agency (Kashan, Iran) – In a meeting with Hajj officials in the city of Kashan, Iran on Saturday, July 8, Ayatollah Abdulnabi Namazi, a senior Shia cleric, remarked, "Saudi officials provided the necessary conditions required by Iranian Hajj delegation and we hope they fulfill their promises during this year's Hajj rituals."


Iranian Supreme Leader's representative in the city of Kashan further referred to the Mina Tragedy which took place nearly 2 years ago during which hundreds of Iranian Hajj pilgrims were murdered or injured in Saudi Arabia; "We really hope that Iranians and other Muslim pilgrims are able to perform this year's Hajj rituals in peace and security as promised by Saudi officials."


Member of Iranian Assembly of Experts pointed out Saudi Arabia's behind-the-scenes support for Israel and said, "In most of Israel's wars against the Axis of Islamic Resistance in the region, the Zionists refuel their warplanes in Saudi Arabia."



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