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News Code : 349376 | Publish Date :2017/5/28 - 13:05 | Category: HOWZAH
Hujjat al-Islam Husseini Kouhsari:
"Riyadh summit sows discord in the region"
Head of the Islamic Seminaries' Office for Int'l Relations along with a group of seminary scholars met with Sheikh Zahir al-Jaeed, a senior official of Lebanon's al-Amal Islamic movement.

Hawzah News Agency (Beirut, Lebanon) – During the meeting, both sides discussed ongoing conditions in the Islamic world and suggested ways for joint cooperation in terms of promotional and cultural activities.


The scholars present at the meeting also pointed out the inhumane incidents that are currently taking place in the Middle East and put forth solutions to boost Islamic unity in order to put an end to the enemies' plots and atrocities in the Arab as well as the Islamic world.


In the end of the meeting, the Iranian and Lebanese delegation agreed that the recent Riyadh summit following Donald Trump's visit to the Middle East has increased discord and unrest in the region; For instance, the participants' stance against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Palestinian Resistance were among the first negative results of this summit.



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