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ISIS mass grave found near Iraq's Mosul
A grave containing multiple human corpses was discovered on Monday in an area recently recaptured from ISIS terrorists in northern Iraq.

Hawzah News Agency - Iraqi Army’s Counter-Terrorism Service forces discovered the grave contained bodies of 20 ISIS Hisbah (vigilantees) at the al-Haramat neighborhood located in western Mosul, Iraqi Army

Colonel Mortada Hassan said. The bodies have been transported to the forensic authority department, Hassan noted. 

This is one of multiple mass graves of both civilians and militants found after recapturing the ISIS-held areas. 

According to the anti-ISIS coalition officials, there are approximately 1000 ISIS terrorists in western Mosul. 

The operation to retake Mosul began in October of the previous year. Three months after the operation's launch eastern half of the city was declared liberated. The Iraqi forces are currently battling to take control

of the Old City neighborhood in western Mosul. 

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