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Cleric: “Recent terror attacks aim displacing Muslims”
Prominent Lebanese cleric slammed the recent terrorist attacks against Fou’a and Kafria saying that these moves aim at displacing Muslim nations.

Hawzah News Agency - Sheikh Sohaib Habli, senior member of the Union of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon, condemned the killing of several civilians in Syrian bus convoy saying that the vows of terrorists are not trustable.
He said,” Hay a—Rashidin bombings after terror attacks against Churches in Egypt are in line with other terror attacks which aim massacring and displacing Muslim civilians.
Lebanese cleric noted,” Terrorists are in pursuit of carrying out criminal plots by the US and Zionist regime in order to turn the region into a slaughterhouse to secure the interests of the illegal regime of Israel.”
Sheikh Habli concluded that terrorists are armed and seduced by western intelligent services stressing,” There is no way out of the current plague and bloody crimes in the region except for supporting the Syrian

and Iraqi armies for a serious uprising against the terrorist plague.”

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