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Word of God: Qur’an in real life
Chapter ۱۱: Pass the tests
God says in Qur'an, "We will surely test you until we ascertain those of you who strive hard for the cause of God and those who are steadfast." //"Whatever reward I may have asked you is for your own good." (Qur’an; ۳۴:۴۷)

Hawzah News Agency (Qom, Iran) – The Qur’an is the very word of God; a complete record of the exact words revealed by Almighty God through the Archangel Gabriel to His Last Messenger. This holy book is not just a torch of guidance for afterlife, and if you look at it close enough, you would find important messages for living in this life as well.

 Here we are going to present some informative Articles about how you can relate on the verses of Qur’an in real life which potentially would lead to solving your personal and social problems and having a very spiritual and beautiful life by accepting God’s commands:


 Many people do not realize how God speaks to them. They think it is going to be too big dramatic voice. But one way Almighty God speaks is through impressions and your knowing’s. Sometimes you may think, “I know I should go visit my parents. I know I should not eat so many sweets and something like these.” The “I knows” are God’s talking to you. It is a still small voice; not out loud but a knowing or an impression. Knowing is clear but impression is like what you read in the Qur’an about mother of Moses. Qur’an says, “We inspired to Moses' mother: Suckle him, and when you become fearful for him, then cast him off in the sea, and do not fear nor grieve.” (Qur’an; 28:7)


 The question is: what should you do when you feel in this way? You should be sensitive to what you feel down in here. Do not ignore it. Learn to be quick to obey. Lots of time, you know what you should do but you make excuses and reason it out; try to soothe your conscience. You will feel an impression to be good to somebody, a desire to do something good. That is not just a nice thought. That is God asking you to do it. Too often, we dismiss it and think oh I do not feel like it. I do not really know them, maybe another time. However, if you do not learn to pass these small tests and do what God is asking you to do, it will keep you from the big things Almighty God has in store.

 Do not say, “I will do it latter. I am busy now.” You have to understand that Almighty God does not ask you to do it for His sake. He asks you to do it for your own sake. God tells His prophets to say people: “Whatever reward I may have asked you is for your own good.” (Qur’an; 34:47)


 He is trying to increase you, get you into the fullness of your destiny. So He tests you and before God will release big blessings, He will give small tests. He says, “We will surely test you until We ascertain those of you who strive hard for the cause of God and those who are steadfast.” (Qur’an; 47:31) God wants to know, “can I trust you? Will you be quick to obey or will I have to ask you again?”


Author: Abolfazl Sabouri

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