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Creating a New Islamic Civilization; Goal and Path of the Revolution
This revolution is not geographically specific, but it requires the efforts of all especially the Islamic Seminary for it to reach its intended goals

In the Name of Allah, the most-Merciful, the most-Compassionate

 It was a mixture of religious teachings and social motives that led to a large scale of people taking to the streets and treading the path towards the revolution that changed the shape of history. Now that nearly 4 decades has passed from the victory of that revolution, the world has, on the international stage, come into contact with a firm phenomenon which has excelled in many differing fields and arenas; this a sign of a pure, divine and knowledge-based civilization.        

Maybe during the early days of the revolution, social, economic and other problems might have been holding the leaders and revolutionaries back, however, with the letters and speeches of Imam Khomeini (ra), who was heralded as the great leader of this revolution, which introduced Islam as a progressive religion whose established laws were more than able to govern and administer a country in this day and age.    

If we had to just look at the current tragic cultural, social and economic situation of the world today with the divine and civilization creating teachings of Islam, this look will be sufficient to show us the severe need of many countries towards the divine and godly laws. When we look into the past, we see that the original cause of all these confrontations, sanctions, international boycotts, etc. was the plan of occupation and colonization and to stop the model of independence that the revolution wished to present from reaching the world. Unfortunately, to some extent they have achieved their goals.

Maybe whilst treading this path, we became inattentive to the specific needs of the country and even at times to our enemies and even ended up helping them at times; this inattentiveness was a reason for holding us back from presenting the model of the new Islamic civilization to the rest of the world.  

Even thou internal conflicts prevented us from administrating the laws and regulations of religion on society in an adequate way and also be taking into consideration the problems and issues that were created for us, we have still taken huge leaps towards reaching our goal and the various achievements in differing fields are a  loud testament to this.  

Now that we have arrived at the dawn of the 38th Victory Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, it is time for us to re-evaluate our thoughts concerning this great revolution, a revolution which in reality has no borders and boundaries; we must analyze our short comings and faults concerning the goals that Imam (ra) had for this revolution. It is then that we will see and know that in introducing this revolution to the world, we had many great lapses and short comings.   

In the last few years the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in many of his statements, has said and presented and emphasized on a theme of “Islamic Iranian Model for Humanity.” However, the important question here is what is the role of the Islamic Seminaries in this regard? Is it not the duty of the Islamic seminary to spread this message of the Islamic civilization to the rest of the world during the occultation of Imam Mahdi (as)?      

My dear friends, Imam (ra) is watching over us to see what we are doing for this revolution!

Hasan Mowlaie

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