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"Imam Ali’s (as) life "in Azeri published in Georgia
A book of forty hadiths on Imam Ali’s (AS) life and virtues was published in Azeri language by the Iranian Cultural Center in Georgia.

Hawzah News Agency (Teblisi, Georgia) - The Georgian Muslims Department cooperated with the center in translating and publishing the book.


The main objective of the book is to introduce the true Islam and the life and Seerah of the infallible Imams and create relations with scholars and intellectuals in Christian societies.



It covers Imam Ali’s (as) life-style as a unique role-model in social interactions.

Deylaman Shahmardanli is the translator of the book written by Togrul Musayev.



Currently, Muslims constitute approximately ten percent of the Georgian population. According to other sources, Muslims constitute nearly 13 percent of Georgia's population.

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