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13 November 2019 - 18:29

How to treat obsession

Hawzah News Agency – Q: It is several years that I am suffering from the problem of obsessive doubting, and it has really been tormenting me. Day by day this state is becoming more severe and has reached such a point that my whole life is affected with doubt, mostly in relation to food and wet things. As a result, I am unable to behave like ordinary people. When I enter a place I remove my socks immediately because I think that they have become wet by sweat and will become najis on coming into contact with a najāsah. I am even unable to sit on the prayer mat, and when I do sit, I stand up immediately lest the minute fibers of the prayers mat should stick to my clothes compelling me to clean them with water. Earlier I was not like this, and now I feel embarrassed by my conduct and always long to see someone in my dream to put my questions to him or hope for a miracle to change my life and take me back to my previous state. Please enlighten me.

A: The rules of purity and najāsah are the same as those which have been explained in detail in the books on the practical laws of Islam. In shar‘, all things are considered pure unless it has been pronounced as najis by the Legislator, and one is certain of it being najis. Thus, getting rid of obsession in this situation does not require dreams or miracles; rather it is the duty of the mukallaf to set aside his personal inclination and observe, and bind himself to, the teachings of the sacred laws of Islam and have faith in it and he should not consider the thing whose state of najāsah is not confirmed najis. Therefore, how do you know that the door, wall, prayer mat and other things that you use are najis? And what makes you sure that the minute fibers of the prayer mat that you walk or sit on are najis and that their impurities will transfer to your socks, clothes and body? So in this case, it is not permissible for you to pay attention to this obsession. Disregarding obsession with regard to najāsah and practicing indifference and carelessness will, God willing and by Allah’s aid, help you to free yourself from the grip of obsessive doubting.

Source: https://www.leader.ir/en/book/32/Practical-Laws-of-Islam


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