Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Tuesday, August 28, 2018  -  12:30:00 PM
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam/ IMAMATE (IMAMA) part ۶ Hadith of Ghadir Khumm ‘For whoever has me as his mawla, ‘Ali is his mawla.’
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam Prophecy (Nubuwwa) part ۷ The miracles of the Prophets are not limited to just one or two types, but are of such diverse character that they cannot be simplistically classified under a single heading.
2018/2/25 - 12:00
Do we follow the Family or the Sunnah? In this series of articles we aim to answer questions concerning the beliefs of the Shia
2018/2/18 - 21:00
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam Prophecy (nubuwwa) part ۶ The performance of an act that transcends the boundaries of normal existence, and which accompanies and harmonizes with a claim to prophethood, is called a 'miracle' (mu'jiza)
2018/2/7 - 10:30
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam Prophecy (nubuwwa) part۵ There is a logical relationship between the performance of miracles and the veracity of the claim to prophethood.
2018/2/6 - 10:30
Social life Anger (part۲) A psychological state which leads one’s nature to divert from its natural path is anger.
2018/2/5 - 16:30
Divine Revelation, Human Reason and Science) part۳) Knowledge is something unlimited, while action is something limited.
2018/1/27 - 14:20
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam Prophecy (nubuwwa) part۴ Primordial human nature compels man not to accept any claims without conclusive evidence.
2018/1/24 - 11:10
Social life Anger (part ۱) if the light of reason shines on our feelings' hemisphere it is then guaranteed that the rays of happiness will illuminate the heavens of our live.
2018/1/23 - 08:30
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam Prophecy (nubuwwa) part۳ God had a purpose in creating man, and this purpose was to be effected by means of the ordination of a perfect plan in all human affairs.
2018/1/21 - 12:00
Divine revelation, human reason and science (part ۲) The highest aim of Divine Revelation is revival of humanity. In order to make it easier for humanity to traverse the path and reach its sacred end, the prophets accepted the responsibility of guiding humanity towards realization of this ultimate goal.
2018/1/20 - 11:25
Divine Revelation, Human Reason and Science) part۱) Human existence is a mixture of knowledge and action, in which action is based on and guided by knowledge.
2018/1/19 - 12:30
Social life Enmity and Hatred (part۳) The lives of religious leaders are lessons of honor, nobility, forgiveness and humanness.
2018/1/18 - 13:30