Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Word of God: Qur’an in real life Chapter ۸۱: Honor your spouse Imam Sajjad said, “The right of your wife is that you know God has made her a comfort for you; so know that she is God’s favor toward you, so you should honor her and treat her gently.
What is Islam’s View of Art and Creativity? What does Islam say about art & creativity?
2017/3/22 - 08:30
Social life Lying(part ۱) The tongue translates man’s internal feelings to the outside. One of the factors which spread this resentful trait which poisons social manners is the saying: “Constructive lying is better than the painful truth.”
2017/3/22 - 00:30
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam (Degrees of Tawhid) part۲ The second degree of Taw˙íd pertains to the oneness of the divine attributes.
2017/3/21 - 00:30
Word of God: Qur’an in real life Chapter ۲: Prepare for Promotion Qur’anic principles will help you get ready for promotion. The great news is that God sees the very best in you and He wants to promote you.
2017/3/20 - 22:30
Word of God: Quran in real life Chapter ۱: Meditating on Quran The Quran is filled with the blessings and benefits of meditating on its principles. Almighty God says, “Indeed We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran so that you may apply reason.”
2017/3/18 - 22:30
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam (Degrees of Tawhid (part ۱ The first degree of Tawhid pertains to the Essence (dhat) of God.
2017/3/18 - 19:54
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam A self-evident fact The Holy Quran asserts that the reality of God is a self-evident fact, one that does not stand in need of proof.
2017/3/9 - 01:30
Word of God: Verses of Qur’an as ethical guidance Chapter ۹۷: Our Lord! Our Lord! Forgive us and our brothers who preceded us to the faith, and keep our hearts from having any hatred towards those who believed. Our Lord, You are indeed most compassionate, merciful…
2017/3/7 - 22:30
Doctrines of Shi’i Islam A principle for the freedom of the individual It is true that Jihad is an obligation for all Muslims; but this does not in any way mean forcing others to accept Islam.
2017/3/7 - 01:30
Word of God: Verses of Qur’an as ethical guidance Chapter ۹۶: Zachariah and the power of God If you think your dreams are too big for God to bring to pass, think again because as Qur’an says: God has full power over matters, but most of mankind does not know.
2017/3/6 - 22:30