Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Tuesday, April 16, 2019  -  4:13:57 PM
Al-Nujaba’s Relief Convoy Reached Karun and Kut Abdollah (Photos) The fighters of al-Nujaba, on the second day of its serving the Iranian flood-stricken people in Khuzestan, distributed foodstuffs in Karun and Kut Abdollah.
Arson attack targets mosque in Hagen, Germany Great Mosque of Hagen in Germany has gone under arson attack by an unknown attacker
2019/5/26 - 07:07
Ontaria Mosque hosts 'Taste of Ramadan Iftar' + pics Religious leaders from the Sikh, Hindu, Jewish and Christian communities reflected on fasting within their religious traditions and brought greetings to the Muslim community on the occasion of Ramadan.
2019/5/25 - 12:00
Hijabi model calls on brands to better represent Muslim women Nike’s first hijab-wearing model has called on brands to better represent Muslim women.
2019/5/25 - 11:00
Seville first purpose-built mosque in ۷۰۰ years When word got out that Seville's Muslim community were about to lose their mosque, former Tottenham and West Ham striker Fredi Kanoute knew he had to help.
2019/5/25 - 10:10
Non-Muslim teacher fasts Ramadan to support students The experience of the first time fasting was inspiring to Catherine.
2019/5/25 - 07:40
Tens of thousands attend third Friday of Ramadan in Al-Aqsa Continuation of Palestinian gathering in hot climate condition at Al-Aqsa mosque in the third Friday of Ramadan.
2019/5/25 - 07:21
The chairman of al-Nujaba’s Political Board: Milking the Saudi Arabia, the US will kill it/ formation of the “Construction Forces” proposed to the Iraqi government Criticizing the negative part played by the Saudi rulers in the regional developments, al-Asadi announced the proposal given by al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance to the government of Iraq on the formation of “Construction Forces” for resolving the problems of the people.
2019/5/25 - 07:08
Prominent religious figure killed in Kabul mosque blast Prominent Religious scholar has been killed by explosion in Kabul during Friday prayers.
2019/5/24 - 21:30
Australia's first Hijabi police officer break fast with fellow officers The first Australian Muslim police who wearing hijab broke her fast in Ramadan with her fellow police officers.
2019/5/24 - 20:20
Bomb attack on mosque in Pakistan's Quetta kills one, police say The explosion occurred at a mosque on the outskirts of Balochistan province's capital, Quetta during Friday prayers. The bomb was remotely detonated, according to a police official.
2019/5/24 - 18:41
New grave plots for Muslims at Preston Cemetery A cemetery is to be planned with bigger spaces and lifespan for Muslims up to ۲۰ years.
2019/5/24 - 01:00
Man arrested over gun fired outside mosque during Ramadan prayers A man has been arrested by detectives investigating a shooting outside a mosque in east London.
2019/5/23 - 23:42

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