Thursday, November 23, 2017
Wednesday, November 15, 2017  -  4:17:33 PM
In a letter to Supreme Leader, Lebanese cleric offers condolences over Iran's earthquake Lebanese top cleric Ayatollah Qabalan has offered condolences to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and senior cleric Ayatollah Sistani over heavy casualties and destruction caused by a strong Earthquake in the west of the country.
Sydney Islamic Center to Mark Martyrdom of Lady Ruqayya (SA) The Imam Ali (AS) Islamic Center in Sydney, Australia, will host ceremonies to mourn the martyrdom anniversary of Lady Ruqayya (SA).
2017/10/28 - 17:26
Ansarullah condemns Saudi crown prince’s pledge to continue Yemen war Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement has hit out at the Saudi crown prince and defense minister, who said the Riyadh regime has no intention of ending its bloody military campaign against the impoverished nation.
2017/10/27 - 19:20
Arab Association chief: Israeli settlement development undermine peace The Arab League chief has censured Israel’s plan to build new settler units in occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds, saying such land grab policies, which defy UN resolution, undermine peace.
2017/10/27 - 14:02
Homesick Suicidal Maid Calmed after Listening to Quran Recitation A ۳۱-year-old Indonesian woman working in Changhua County, central Taiwan, who was allegedly trying to harm herself due to mood swings caused by homesickness, gave up the sharp implements on Friday after officers calmed her by playing verses from the Quran.
2017/10/26 - 02:10
Israeli Occupation Approves ۱۷۶ Settlement Units in East Al-Quds Israeli occupation authorities on Wednesday approved a major expansion of an east Al-Quds (Jerusalem) settlement, signing off on plans to add ۱۷۶ units.
2017/10/25 - 23:00
Iraqi army prepare for final anti-Daesh fight near Syria border Iraqi forces are set to begin operations to liberate the last patch of territory still occupied by Daesh(or ISIS) Takfiri terrorists along the country’s western border with Syria, the military says.
2017/10/25 - 14:30
Calligraphy exhibition to promote Islam’s peace, beauty .An international Islamic calligraphy exhibition is underway in Egypt with the participation of calligraphers and artists from different countries. The expo aims to present works that showcase Islam’s beauties through different forms of Arabic calligraphy.
2017/10/24 - 19:00
Israeli forces raid WB and al-Quds, detain ۶۶ Palestinians The Zionist regime’s forces detained at least ۶۶ Palestinians during overnight raids Monday in the occupied West Bank (WB) and East Jerusalem (al-Quds). Israeli forces also delivered interrogation summons to several Palestinians in the area - including former prisoner Shirin al-Issawi.
2017/10/24 - 17:09
Christian leader: "Islam is distinguished from terrorism" Lebanese Christian leader stressed disavowal of Islam from terrorist attacks committed under the name of Islam. //"If we withdraw the region we will give space for terrorists and the Middle East will turn into a hub of threat against global peace."
2017/10/24 - 15:43
Spain implements plan for teaching Islam in schools It’s been twenty-five years since the Spanish government and the country’s Islamic organizations reached an agreement on teaching Islam in schools. Spain’s education ministry has announced that it will be implemented started from the next school year.
2017/10/23 - 23:15
Muslim students protest over university's plans to limit prayer space The Newcastle University's Islamic Society held an outside public prayer session to protest against plans to turn the space into a multi-faith room.
2017/10/23 - 21:10
Warwick Launches Islamic Education Research Network The University of Warwick have revealed their newly developed interdisciplinary network for Islamic Education.
2017/10/23 - 02:35