Monday, November 19, 2018
Wednesday, November 14, 2018  -  2:50:30 PM
The body of martyred defender of the holy shrine was brought back after ۳ years (+photos) The pure body of “Hassanain Ali Rasan as-Saedi”, the fighter of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance, martyred in Syria ۳ years ago, during a great funeral was brought back to Iraq.
Bangladeshi man sentenced to death for murdering Bahraini imam A Bangladeshi man has been sentenced to death for brutally murdering a Bahraini imam inside a mosque.
2018/11/1 - 00:30
۱,۵۰۰-person capacity mosque built in 'uninhabited' northern Turkish village A Turkish association built a ۱,۵۰۰-person capacity mosque on a ۲,۱۰۰-metre plateau in the northern province of Trabzon, Bölge Gündem news site reported .
2018/10/31 - 22:00
India court sentences ۱۶ policemen to life for killing ۴۲ Muslims in 'Hashimpura massacre' An Indian court on Wednesday (Oct ۳۱) sentenced ۱۶ police officers to life imprisonment for rounding up and massacring dozens of unarmed Muslims during historic riots in the country's north decades ago.
2018/10/31 - 20:44
Muslim advocacy group seeks investigation into Mosque threat Police said someone called in a bomb threat to Muhammad Mosque ۳۶ in Charlotte last Sunday.
2018/10/31 - 16:40
Israeli settlers attack Palestinians near Ibrahimi Mosque Israeli settlers outside the Ibrahimi Mosque assaulted Palestinian citizens, in protest against the Adhan via loudspeakers used in the mosque.
2018/10/31 - 15:55
US Muslims want Islamic holidays on school calendar Muslim leaders are asking for more days off from school so their kids can take part in faith-based holidays. Parents say there's a constant struggle each spring to figure out what to put first: their studies or their faith
2018/10/31 - 12:00
Kansas militia men blame Trump rhetoric for Mosque attack plan One of the lawyers said that Trump continued to stoke Islamophobia.
2018/10/31 - 10:26
US Muslim Scholar denounces China Muslim detention camps A leading American Muslim scholar has denounced China’s discrimination against Uighur Muslims, amid reports that the communist state is heightening the level of torture and persecution against Uighurs for their faith.
2018/10/31 - 00:00
British Museum’s new gallery celebrates wonders of the Islamic world As I walked into Room ۴۲ on the second floor of the British Museum in London recently, two massive stone engravings greeted me – a work with the word Bismillah (“In the name of God”) and the other featuring Ayatul Kursi (verse ۲۵۵ of Surah Al Baqarah, Quran ۲:۲۵۵).
2018/10/30 - 23:30
Thousands expected at parliament of world’s religions in Toronto The largest multi-faith gathering in the world is set to begin on Thursday, November ۱st in Toronto.
2018/10/30 - 23:03
Where are your bombs?': Middle-aged Spanish woman calls young Muslim a terrorist and tells her off for wearing a 'burka' The heated argument was filmed by a passenger on a bus in Gran Canaria, Spain An older woman began shouting insults at young Muslim wearing a purple hijab She then declared the woman a 'terrorist' before asking 'where are your bombs' By FAITH RIDLER FOR MAILONLINE
2018/10/30 - 21:04
Police: Blast kills three Shia Muslim pilgrims in Iraq Three Shia Muslim pilgrims were killed by a roadside bomb as they walked to a holy site near the northeastern Iraqi city of Khanaqin on Tuesday, police said.
2018/10/30 - 13:37

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