Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Wednesday, November 14, 2018  -  2:50:30 PM
The body of martyred defender of the holy shrine was brought back after ۳ years (+photos) The pure body of “Hassanain Ali Rasan as-Saedi”, the fighter of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance, martyred in Syria ۳ years ago, during a great funeral was brought back to Iraq.
First ever prayer held at Turkey’s largest mosque in Istanbul Hundreds of people attended the first ever prayer at the Çamlıca Mosque in Istanbul, following completion of its construction that started in ۲۰۱۳.
2019/3/7 - 18:00
UK Muslims ‘grateful’ as local council adopts Islamophobia definition So far only four councils in the UK have adopted the definition recommended by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims.
2019/3/7 - 16:46
East Oxford faith groups clean up community FAITH groups in East Oxford came together to clean up their community at the weekend.
2019/3/7 - 12:30
UN rights chief warns against harassment of Muslims in India Michele Bachelet says minorities including Muslims and Dalits, are being targeted under Narendra Modi government.
2019/3/7 - 11:00
Arrest over suspicious item found near mosque in Edinburgh Bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on suspicious item discovered opposite a mosque in Edinburgh.
2019/3/7 - 10:10
Racist who drove into worshippers at mosque is jailed for five years Three people were hurt when Martin Stokes drove into crowds leaving the Al-majlis Al-Hussaini centre in Cricklewood, north London.
2019/3/7 - 08:43
Wisconsin museum exhibits Islamic culture for kids Islamic artifacts, and demonstrations by local and national Muslim artists are featured in the Please Touch Museum’s latest exhibition named ‘America to Zanzibar’.
2019/3/6 - 22:30
Armed vandal broke windows of Ohio Mosque Supporters of the Al-Rahman Mosque in downtown Dayton are calling for a recent vandalism attack at the mosque to be investigated as a hate crime.
2019/3/6 - 20:38
Philippines opens national halal laboratory The Philippines has opened a national halal laboratory to strengthen Halal products targeting international markets.
2019/3/6 - 14:00
Zionists threatened to convert Al-Rahma Mosque into a synagogue The Federation of the Temple Mount Organisations yesterday called for Al-Rahma Mosque to be occupied and turned in to a synagogue.
2019/3/6 - 12:00
Muslim girls empowerment organization holds poetry workshop Stories play essential roles in a young person’s development and expressive abilities.
2019/3/6 - 11:05
Israel bans call to prayer in Ibrahimi Mosque ۴۴ times in February Israeli authorities banned the call to prayer from being played through the mosque’s speakers ۴۴ times in the month of February.
2019/3/6 - 10:16

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