Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Tuesday, April 16, 2019  -  4:13:57 PM
Al-Nujaba’s Relief Convoy Reached Karun and Kut Abdollah (Photos) The fighters of al-Nujaba, on the second day of its serving the Iranian flood-stricken people in Khuzestan, distributed foodstuffs in Karun and Kut Abdollah.
Work starts on Norwich's million-pound mosque The East Anglian Bangladeshi Islamic trust received permission from Norwich City Council to create a mosque and community cafe when it purchased the site.
2019/6/8 - 07:01
Saudi teenager faces death penalty as crackdown widens in kingdom Saudi authorities are likely to execute a teenager who has been held in pre-trial detention for almost four years.
2019/6/8 - 07:00
Athens’ first mosque set to open, despite far-right vandalism The first ever mosque to open in capital of Greece in spite of far – right vandalism
2019/6/8 - 06:32
۲ Arrested after Car allegedly hits crowd emerging from mosque in Delhi The suspect was trying to evade police when he entered the lane near the mosque and sped away, almost ploughing into the crowd dispersing from the mosque.
2019/6/7 - 21:30
Fasting Muslim teacher knocked out by UK police Fasting Muslim teacher brutally knocked out by police officers in broad daylight in a street in the capital London.
2019/6/7 - 20:30
Regional states can form ‘Islamic superpower’: military adviser A senior Iranian military official called on regional countries to seek unity in the face of non-regional arrogant powers, saying that Muslim states can form an “Islamic superpower”.
2019/6/7 - 20:06
Indian forces attack Kashmiris after Eid al-Fitr prayers Indian security forces have clashed with protesters after Eid al-Fitr prayers in some parts of Kashmir, according to officials in the Indian-controlled region.
2019/6/6 - 17:00
Eid al-Fitr ۲۰۱۹ around the world – in pictures Muslims worldwide are celebrating Eid al-Fitr, festival marking the end of the Islamic holy fasting month of Ramadan
2019/6/6 - 10:10
Muslim community hopes for Grand Mosque in Cebu “A Grand Mosque will serve as the convergence of faith for Islam in Cebu,” said Manonggiring on the day of Eid al-Fitr.
2019/6/6 - 08:39
Muslims praying Fajr save hundreds from east London building fire The horror of the burning building brought back the memories of the Grenfell fire tragedy.
2019/6/3 - 08:15
In pictures: Islamic world observes Lailat-ul-Qadr The worshipers prayed on Lailat-ul-Qadr – the Night of Power/ Destiny – on the odd nights of the last ۱۰ days of the holy month of Ramazan. Muslims around the world are preparing to celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.
2019/6/3 - 07:41
Danish 'yellow vests' guard Muslim fast-breakers against far-right extremists When extremist group Stram Kurs members arrived in the square at Iftar time to protest and burn the holy Quran, Danish 'yellow vests' guard Muslim fast-breakers against far-right extremists. The fast-breaking Iftar event attended by nearly ۲,۰۰۰ people, ended after the prayers.
2019/6/3 - 07:10

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