Wednesday, January 23, 2019
Wednesday, November 14, 2018  -  2:50:30 PM
The body of martyred defender of the holy shrine was brought back after ۳ years (+photos) The pure body of “Hassanain Ali Rasan as-Saedi”, the fighter of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance, martyred in Syria ۳ years ago, during a great funeral was brought back to Iraq.
Malmö mosque hit by bullet on New Year's Eve A shot was fired through a window at a Malmö mosque shortly after midnight on New Years’ Day, with police investigating the attack as a possible hate crime.
2019/1/2 - 23:00
East London Mosque imam made an OBE for bravery during Finsbury Park terrorist attack An imam who asked people not to hurt a far-right terrorist after he ploughed his car into worshippers in Finsbury Park has been commended for his bravery in the New Year’s Honours list.
2019/1/2 - 22:18
Zamfara: the new scramble of Africa Zamfara is a state located in the northwestern part of Nigeria with the estimated population of more than ۳ million people (۲۰۰۶ census).
2019/1/2 - 16:52
UK Muslim helps homeless people one wash at a time A young British Muslim entrepreneur has raised the Christmas spirits in a small UK town by opening his launderette to the homeless and providing them free services and blankets.
2019/1/2 - 00:00
Iran's Ammar filmfest honors jailed Nigerian Shia leader Zakzaky Jailed Nigerian Shia leader Ibrahim Zakzaky was honored during the opening ceremony of the ۹th Ammar Popular Film Festival (APFF) at Tehran's Andisheh Hall.
2019/1/1 - 23:27
Belgium bans halal and kosher meat, stirring controversy The proposed ban on halal and kosher meats have come into effect in Belgium's northern Flanders region, stirring controversy among the country's Jewish and Muslim communities.
2019/1/1 - 22:05
Help Muslim youth group tidy Huddersfield town on New Year's Day Public spirited volunteers from a UK Muslim youth organisation will be tidying up Huddersfield town centre streets on New Year's Day. "In Islam, 'Cleanliness is Part of Faith', so there's no better way for us to start the new year."
2019/1/1 - 16:00
Turkey reaches out to ۷۰۰,۰۰۰ Rohingya Muslims Persecuted in their homeland, hundreds of thousands of Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims fled to neighboring Bangladesh. The humanitarian aid campaign Turkey launched last year, upon calls by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, caught the attention of the public's conscience. The country has so far reached out to at least ۷۰۰,۰۰۰ Rohingya Muslims with humanitarian aid.
2019/1/1 - 14:15
UK Muslim charity delivers +۵۰۰۰ meals to homeless A Muslim youth charity has beaten its own record by delivering more than ۵,۰۰۰ meals to homeless people at major cities across the UK and aims to reach the ۷,۰۰۰ mark by New Year's Day. Recent analysis suggested there are ۳۲۰,۰۰۰ homeless people on record in the UK, a figure which increased by ۱۳,۰۰۰ over the last year.
2019/1/1 - 13:29
Mosque in western Germany vandalized with racist slurs Unknown attackers write racist slogans, draw star of David on a mosque wall in western Duisburg city. In recent years, Germany has seen growing Islamophobia and hatred of migrants triggered by propaganda from far-right and populist parties.
2018/12/31 - 21:30
Qatar's Ministry of Awqaf trains Imams of mosques The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of Qatar represented by the Religious Calls and Guidance Department has concluded a four month programme for training Imams and Muazins of mosques.
2018/12/31 - 20:20
Child whose mother defied Trump 'Muslim ban' to spend final days with him dies Two-year-old Abdullah Hassan died of degenerative brain condition in US nine days after his Yemeni mother was finally allowed into the country
2018/12/30 - 15:15

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