Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Tuesday, April 16, 2019  -  4:13:57 PM
Al-Nujaba’s Relief Convoy Reached Karun and Kut Abdollah (Photos) The fighters of al-Nujaba, on the second day of its serving the Iranian flood-stricken people in Khuzestan, distributed foodstuffs in Karun and Kut Abdollah.
UK's Newark Islamic center gains the backing of Town council Councillors say Newark's newest place of worship is a welcome addition to the town. The shop on the ground floor would be converted into a community centre, providing space for community events; meetings for clubs and groups, after-school activities and charitable support for the local homeless.
2019/6/10 - 17:00
Six Hindus convicted over rape and murder of Muslim girl, ۸, in Indian Kashmir Infamous case of gang rape and murder of young Muslim girl in ۲۰۱۸ provoked horror and interreligious tensions in Indian Kashmir. In total there are eight people accused of involvement in the case.
2019/6/10 - 15:23
Tens of thousands of Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr in Taipei Tens of thousands of Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr, the "festival of the breaking of the fast," at events in Taipei Sunday that were organized by various city government departments to mark the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.
2019/6/10 - 13:00
Christchurch mosque attack: Destiny Church's leader blames gunman's actions on clash of cultures In March, Tamaki hit out at the call to prayer and two-minute silence to remember those who lost their lives.
2019/6/10 - 11:00
Mosque raid: CCTV shows man climbing out of window CCTV footage has emerged of a man climbing out of a mosque window on the day its donation box was stolen.
2019/6/10 - 10:10
French FM Says Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ won’t bring ‘serenity’ The top French diplomat says Trump's yet-to-be-revealed plan for Middle East is “an approach that cannot grant serenity”.
2019/6/10 - 09:00
Ayatollah Khamenei agreed to pardon, commute penalty for eligible convicts The Leader of the Revolution agreed to pardon or reduce the sentences of a number of convicts.
2019/6/10 - 08:30
Myanmar’s Suu Kyi, Hungary’s far-right PM lament 'growing Muslim populations' Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi and Hungary's far-right nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban have lamented the “continuously growing Muslim populations” in their countries.
2019/6/9 - 18:35
Hijab dress an artistic tribute to New Zealand's Muslim community Made up of red, pink and white hijabs, Mott made all ۵۱ by hand before combining them into the design of the dress.
2019/6/9 - 10:23
NYPD brushed off case after Muslim woman was beaten in Bus The police told her that there was not surveillance footage and yet there's a camera right behind there.
2019/6/9 - 08:30
Google search slammed for Christchurch mosque shooting video suggestion Tech companies Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon said they would set out concrete steps to address the abuse of technology to spread terrorist content.
2019/6/9 - 07:27
Deutsch, Espinal, advocates rally for Kosher & Halal lunches in schools City Councilman said providing the lunches will help young students learn.
2019/6/8 - 08:00

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