Thursday, September 20, 2018
Monday, August 6, 2018  -  10:00:00 PM
Pakistani Shias hold demonstration in Islamabad The annual rally of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims was held in the capital Islamabad on Monday.
Saudi Arabia buys Israeli ‘Iron Dome’ system amid détente: Report Saudi Arabia has reportedly purchased a missile system owned and operated by Israel as the two regimes move towards making their secret relations public.
2018/9/13 - 22:00
Hamas official: Calm in rallies opportunity for ending siege on Gaza Strip The calm in the Marches of Return is an opportunity for the Zionist regime to put an end to the siege on Gaza Strip, a Hamas official said.
2018/9/13 - 20:00
Afghan official: Death toll in suicide bombing rises to ۶۸ The death toll in a suicide bombing among a group of people protesting a local police commander in eastern Afghanistan has risen to ۶۸, up from ۳۲, provincial officials Wednesday.
2018/9/13 - 19:00
Bob Woodward’s book: Kushner was behind clandestine Saudi-Israeli alliance US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner was behind the clandestine alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia, American investigative journalist Bob Woodward has claimed in his new book, “Fear.”
2018/9/13 - 17:30
IRGC cmdr.:Iran’s missile strike on Iraq-based terrorists sends message to enemies The chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the recent retaliatory missile strike against the terrorists based in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region sends a “meaningful” message to the enemies, who imagine they can bully Iran.
2018/9/13 - 16:30
Israeli military sends reinforcements to Palestinian village to begin its demolition The Israeli military has reportedly sent reinforcements to Khan al-Ahmar as the regime prepares to demolish the Palestinian Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank in defiance of international warnings and criticisms.
2018/9/13 - 14:31
Iranian president: US going through worst period in its history Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the United States is currently going through one of the darkest periods in its history both at home and on the international scene, where it has lost even the support of its traditional allies.
2018/9/12 - 23:00
Preacher training course planned in Oman An educational course for preachers and imams of mosques is planned to be organized in Muscat, capital of Oman.
2018/9/12 - 21:00
Palestinian sentenced to ۳۵ years for alleged stabbing attack near Old City n Israeli court has sentenced a paralyzed young Palestinian man to ۳۵ years in prison for allegedly stabbing two police officers at the Herod's Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem al-Quds two years ago.
2018/9/12 - 18:44
Pork chops left on the car of Muslim family CCTV footage captured the moment a man placed pork chops on the car of a Muslim family in London.
2018/9/12 - 16:00
Medieval period metal coins found at a mosque in Delhi The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has stumbled upon a hoard of medieval period metal coins during the conservation of a ۱۴th century mosque in South Delhi.
2018/9/12 - 12:56
Terrorist groups target military airport in Hama Terrorist groups targeted with rocket shells the military airport, Arzeh village and al-Moallemin (teachers) Park in Hama City.
2018/9/11 - 23:00