Thursday, September 20, 2018
Monday, August 6, 2018  -  10:00:00 PM
Pakistani Shias hold demonstration in Islamabad The annual rally of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims was held in the capital Islamabad on Monday.
Meet Kashmiri kids that disseminates message of Karbala through Muharram banners Each year, a group of nine Kashmiri kids come out to spread message of Karbala by erecting black banners.
2018/9/18 - 00:00
Experts: Spain's Cordoba Mosque should be under public ownership Amid a simmering disagreement over the rights of the Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain, a committee recruited by the local city council of Cordoba opposed its ownership by the Catholic Church. The site was an ancient Muslim place of worship which was converted to a Catholic cathedral.
2018/9/17 - 22:00
Anarchist group attacks Iranian embassy in Greece: report Members of an anarchist group in Greece have reportedly attacked the Iranian Embassy building in the capital Athens with bottles of paint.
2018/9/17 - 21:00
Palestinian President Abbas: Israel, biased US working against peace Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says Israel is working against peace and security by killing and displacing Palestinians and building settlements on occupied land with the support of the "biased" United States.
2018/9/17 - 19:00
Australian woman found guilty of being Daesh member A ۲۳-year-old Adelaide woman has been found guilty of being a member of Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) in South Australia's Supreme Court.
2018/9/17 - 17:00
Yemeni forces shoot down Saudi spy drone in Jizan Yemeni air defense units have shot down a Saudi reconnaissance drone in flight over a border area in the kingdom’s southwestern province of Jizan.
2018/9/17 - 09:18
Muharram mourning ceremonies begin in Kenya Shia Muslims in Kenya began holding rituals to mourn the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein (AS).
2018/9/16 - 23:00
Spy gets ۷ years in jail in eastern Iran A spy has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment in the city of Mashad, Deputy Attorney of Khorasan Razavi for political and security affairs said.
2018/9/16 - 22:00
Palestinians say will not succumb to US 'blackmail' The Palestinian Authority has hit out at the US administration's “blind bias towards false perceptions” in the Middle East, accusing Washington of following a policy of blackmail.
2018/9/16 - 21:00
First images capture stunning new multi-million pound Beeston Mosque ahead of opening Costing £۲.۲ million, the new faith center is now complete and will open to the public on Sunday. The project has taken seven years to complete
2018/9/16 - 18:00
Civil rights group files complaint on behalf of Muslim boxer A leading American Muslim civil rights group has filed a complaint at the Michigan Department of Civil Rights against USA Boxing in support of ۱۸-year-old Michigan boxer Basheer Abdur.
2018/9/16 - 16:00
۱۶ centuries old Sawi mosque is conserved The ۱۶th century AD architectural masterpiece, Sawi Mosque at Kotla Tolay Khan in Multan, stands restored since April ۲۰۱۷. However, hard struggle by officials could restore the Persian poetry on its tiles’ panels only partially.
2018/9/16 - 14:05