Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Monday, August 6, 2018  -  10:00:00 PM
Pakistani Shias hold demonstration in Islamabad The annual rally of Pakistan’s Shia Muslims was held in the capital Islamabad on Monday.
۵۰۰-year-old mosque found in Bangladesh dense jungle According to locals, the old mosque found in Bangladesh was built using burnt bricks, sand, lime and stone chips.
2018/9/1 - 11:00
Israeli army shoot and injure a Palestinian medic in Gaza Israeli troops shot and seriously injured a Palestinian female medic, east of Rafah, during their excessive use of force against the Great Return March in the coastal region.
2018/9/1 - 09:03
Hamas leader vows breaking Gaza blockade Hamas' political leader in the Gaza Strip said blockade in Gaza will be broken.
2018/8/31 - 04:30
Corbyn: Israel controls UK politicians’ speech UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is battling allegations of anti-Semitism in his party, has come under fire for a ۲۰۱۰ speech where he said speeches British lawmakers make are controlled by the Tel Aviv regime.
2018/8/31 - 03:30
Israeli shooter Azaria: I have no remorse for killing wounded Palestinian An Israeli soldier, who was convicted of manslaughter for fatally shooting a disarmed and severely-wounded Palestinian, says he has “no remorse” for the murder and would do it again.
2018/8/31 - 02:00
Expert: Saudi Arabia enjoys US, Israel backing on Yemen atrocities The United Nations is incapable of pressuring Saudi Arabia to end its military aggression on Yemen as the kingdom has the the support from the United States and Israel, says an analyst.
2018/8/31 - 00:00
US troop pleads guilty to helping Daesh, to receive ۲۵-year term A soldier based in Hawaii has pleaded guilty to helping the Daesh terrorist group, admitting that he planned to join the terror outfit and attack a US base in Hawaii.
2018/8/30 - 22:00
Eid Al-Ghadir to be celebrated in Kenya The Iranian Cultural Center in Kenya will hold a ceremony on the occasion of Eid Al-Ghadir at the mosque of Shia Muslims in Park Road district of Nairobi, the capital.
2018/8/30 - 20:20
Terrorists kill ۱۱ in Iraq’s Nineveh, Kirkuk provinces At least ۱۱ people have been killed and several others sustained injuries in two separate terrorist attacks in Iraq’s Nineveh and Kirkuk provinces.
2018/8/30 - 19:00
Over ۱۰۰ rights groups urge Bahrain to ‘immediately release’ Nabeel Rajab More than ۱۰۰ rights groups called on Bahrain to "immediately release" prominent opposition figure and pro-democracy campaigner Nabeel Rajab after the United Nations condemned his detention as "arbitrary" and "discriminatory."
2018/8/30 - 18:30
OIC condemns Dutch plan for offensive cartoon contest The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) slammed a sacrilegious cartoon completion planned in Netherlands.
2018/8/30 - 17:30
UN hints Myanmar leader complicit in Rohingya genocide The United Nations (UN)’s top human rights official says Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi should have resigned last year over a state-sponsored campaign of terror against Rohingya Muslims in the country’s northwestern state of Rakhine.
2018/8/30 - 16:26

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