Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Wednesday, November 14, 2018  -  2:50:30 PM
The body of martyred defender of the holy shrine was brought back after ۳ years (+photos) The pure body of “Hassanain Ali Rasan as-Saedi”, the fighter of al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance, martyred in Syria ۳ years ago, during a great funeral was brought back to Iraq.
Gazans to perform umrah pilgrimage as Egypt lifts ۵-year ban Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are resuming a minor pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, known as the "umrah," after nearly five years of an Egyptian ban.
2019/3/4 - 10:16
Open day at Nottingham mosque hopes to tackle fear of Muslims after recent events in the media A mosque in Nottingham held an open day for the second year running in a hope to tackle negativity surrounding the Muslim faith.
2019/3/4 - 01:30
Peterborough mosque worshippers raise thousands of pounds for the starving Worshippers at the Faizan‐e‐Madina Mosque in Gladstone Street, Millfield, have raised thousands of pounds to help people who are suffering.
2019/3/4 - 00:00
Dutch mosque targeted by PEGIDA in Islamophobic attack A mosque in the Netherlands was attacked by members of the Islamophobic German group Pegida, who defaced the building with racist banners, a mosque official said on Sunday.
2019/3/3 - 22:18
Sabah to recruit ۳۰۰ new Islamic teachers Sabah aims to recruit ۳۰۰ new teachers for secondary and primary schools managed by the State’s Islamic authority, Law and Native Affairs Minister Datuk Aidi Mohtar .
2019/3/3 - 11:37
Muslim community bemoans size of Athens mosque Muslim Association of Greece bemoaned the size of the Athens’s first mosque, saying it looks more like an oversized kiosk.
2019/3/3 - 07:32
GOP's display linking Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar to terrorists causes controversy The poster featuring an image of Ilhan Omar under an image of the burning twin towers building was displayed at a table in the Capitol's rotunda.
2019/3/3 - 01:30
'Suspicious item' found near mosque in Edinburgh A controlled explosion has been carried out after a "suspicious item" was discovered opposite Annandale mosque in Edinburgh.
2019/3/2 - 23:00
Visit a mosque day takes place in Birmingham this weekend Mosques across Birmingham and the Black Country are inviting people to call in this weekend as part of a special open day.
2019/3/2 - 22:06
Two years after fire, Islamic center growing its congregation Two years after its mosque burned down, the Islamic Center of Lake Travis has opened its doors, hosted its first Ramadan celebration and is about to get a new spiritual leader.
2019/3/2 - 15:04
Muslim Council of Britain: Conservative Party ignoring Islamophobia until it goes away The Muslim Council of Britain has accused the Conservative Party of ‘ignoring Islamophobia until it goes away’ and has called for an inquiry into Islamophobia in the party.
2019/3/2 - 11:30
Israeli excavations in Silwan continue to cause serious damage to Palestinian property The recent heavy rain fall has revealed the serious damage caused by the Israeli excavations in occupied Jerusalem, especially the tunnels under the Palestinian homes in Silwan town, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
2019/3/2 - 09:55

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